Your Soul Contract Decoded

When I meet people, I read their energy the same way you would read written words …

Or at least that’s the best way I can describe it.

Growing up, I assumed everyone else was like me. I didn’t understand how my friends didn’t see the same things I did. It wasn’t until high school that I realized that I truly was tapping into “something else.”

And while I’ve been intuitive my whole life and have the gift of “knowing,” it’s been a journey to be openly state this to the world.

But here I am … doing the work I was meant to do in this life-time and I’m glad that you found me. The fact that you’re reading this, means you’re on the right path.

When people reach out to me for guidance, the first thing I encourage is for us to look your Soul Contract and understand what you’re here for in this life time.

A Soul Contract will tell us your Karma, Talents, Goals and ultimately the Soul Destiny for this lifetime. Essentially, who you are and what your purpose is.

Wouldn’t you like to know? 🙂

The procedure is based on an amazingly accurate system of numerology, with its roots in antiquity. Names are converted into the sounds of 22 phonetic Hebrew letters, which are then converted into numbers within a diagram of the Star of David. This procedure will show you the karmic patterns you face, the talents you posses to overcome them, the goals you are designed to achieve -and, most importantly, your soul’s underlying mission.

I’ve had the honor of studying this method directly with Nicolas David Ngan, author of “Your Soul Contract Decoded.”

Combining this channeled ancient wisdom, with my own intuitive abilities, I’m able to guide you through the challenges you’re facing – which led you to find this page.

If you’re at a cross-roads and want some answers, this is a wonderful way to be able to gain insight and perspective into things that may not be “so obvious.”

Sample Soul Chart

Feedback from a few clients …

Hello Gelie,

I just want to say thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your Soul Reading Analysis. 

Your offer to do my chart came in after I already had not so positive and less than satisfying experience with another so well promoted “best soul reader”, who simply did not deliver.

You on another hand, went above and beyond, showing how soul chart analysis can to be done by someone who takes this responsibility seriously.
Soul chart helps to understand why we are here, where we have come from and where we are heading.

It gave me understanding on astrology of my personality. After reading my chart and  bringing up to discussion moments of my deepest insights that I have never discussed with you, but what for sure, were my life moments when I felt at peace and was thriving.

By diving in to the reading we discussed what brings my body, emotions and mind into a state of harmony, what helps me connect with others and my higher self, what message I am here to share with the world and in what ways I can serve the humanity. 

Thank you, Gelie, for the outstanding service and for bringing clarity into my life by reviewing my chart so patiently and going over every detail with me. 

– Anastasiya McCann

The experience I received from my spiritual reading with Gelie was truly enlightening. I’ve always felt drawn to my spiritual energy but never had a full understanding of it or its connection to a higher purpose. I went into my reading expecting very little and with an open, yet, excited mind. After my reading I felt more aware in my energy and purpose. I’m happy to say, my feelings and beliefs in my spiritual energy have a new spark! Thanks for your time, patience and guidance Gelie.

– Allen Acedo

Soul chart readings are $205- which includes decoding prep work, channeling and connecting with your energy as well as us spending 60 min together to go over the chart.

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