Divorce Poetry & Love Letters

It was my choice to end the relationship

A few months ago, I was interviewed on a podcast, called The Suddenly Single Show with Danielle Daily

Every interview creates a different type of creative content …and I’m having a moment as I’m looking at the link Danielle just sent me.

She pulled “key phrases” from the entire interview, which sum up a core piece of my “post-divorce” journey.

It almost reads like a poem that I could have written, so I would like to re-post this on my blog.

It truly is amazing when others can capture pieces of us and reflect them back.

Below are the words from her site as well as the link to our full interview.

Gelie: It was my choice to end the relationship

I met my ex-husband when I was 17

We were together 17 years

It was the first time I was ever single in my adult life

It was my choice to end the relationship

It was not how I envisioned my life to be

It was more about rebuilding the infrastructure of my life

There were a lot of things I depended on my husband for

There was a lot of trauma that happened for me post-divorce

It was important for me to heal and go through the healing journey

I forced myself to look at it and heal through it so that I don’t take that with me into the future

I cried a lot

I just kept getting triggered and triggered and triggered

You keep thinking I got this and then you get triggered and you’re just a complete mess

Feeling thought all the feelings, allowing myself to be angry

When the timing is right I end up where I need to be

I didn’t run away from anything

I’m still figuring things out

To really learn who I am and to discover myself, I had to rebuild myself up and get in touch with who I am

I’m very much into energy, energy work, consciousness

That spiritual side of me go put away

I was shut down in so many places I didn’t even realize I was shut down in

I had to get back in touch with my feminine

I felt how separated I was from myself

How do I put myself back together because I was broken

I would meet with different energy healers

I was learning about myself

Having the ability and a safe space to move in a certain way put me back in touch with my femininity

I created my own roadmap and followed it

I redid my closet and got rid of as much black as I could

I am so content being alone, not lonely but alone

I love walking into my house and it’s just mine

I love my space

I was so shocked by how many people showed up to support me

I remember just bursting into tears

I felt supported, no one’s going to let me fall

Figure out who you are

This is your moment in time when you are raw and broken and putting yourself back together

You can forgive when you are ready to forgive

I felt so grateful for him and the lessons he taught me

Don’t force yourself into anything, just keep focusing on you and the rest will fall into place

Link to the full interview: https://www.suddenlysingleshow.com/2019/06/03/gelie-it-was-my-choice-to-end-the-relationship/

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