Entrepreneurial Journey

An open letter to my community: How can I help you?

If you’ve been following my journey … then you know that I’ve recently been to hell and back.

The key word in that sentence is “back.” I’m back …

… And I’m here to help. 

For the past year, I’ve been introspecting on the trajectory of my life, healing, resting and working on getting NetworkingPhoenix funded so the outdated platform can be rebuilt.

Sometimes I have no idea how I’ve made it this far, but then all I have to do is look back at the last 10 years to see all that I have accomplished … and I’m reminded that it was my hard work, determination, pure intentions, love for people and the genuine desire to help and make a positive impact.

I’m here to disrupt. I’m here to lead and guide. I’m HERE. 

Towards the end of 2017, I partnered with a longtime friend (super savvy business guy), who came in as my angel investor in NetworkingPhoenix. So if you haven’t heard it yet, you’re hearing it now … NetworkingPhoenix has been funded and is being rebuilt. 

Without going into details or any kind of a timeline, the short-term goal is to get a new platform (website) up and running for Phoenix — with amazing new features. The long-term vision has always been to expand nationally. It’s all happening 🙂

As the new team (there is a WHOLE team!!) is working on putting all the pieces together, I have the capacity — and am looking — to get involved in other projects, ie, your business and do one-on-one work. I’m hungry to re-connect and go back to my roots of working with people directly. I miss it.

So the question is … how can I help you? 

I’ve been running NetworkingPhoenix for over 10 years and have deep-rooted business connections in town. There is a great value in what I bring to the table.

What are your current pain points? Business and/or personal … if you’ve read my personal blog, you know I have the capacity to handle it all.

  • What do you crave? How can I help get you there?
  • Where are you stuck in your business?
  • Where are you stuck in your personal life?
  • Who are you trying to meet?
  • Can I help you promote anything and get you on the map?

There is no program that I’ve created and trying to push,  I’m truly making myself available for conversations to see if/how we can work together.

To give you an example of how I typically engage:

  • Companies bring me in as an addition to their team on a consulting and/or project basis
  • I’m typically asked to help with marketing, networking, events, community outreach, sponsorships, etc
  • Individuals hire me to mentor them for business and/or life goals

But until we have a conversation, we won’t know how we can engage. So if you’d like to explore the opportunity, reach out to me and we’ll get a conversation going.

>>> email me: gelie@networkingphoenix.com 

… And if you’re newer to the community and not as familiar with my work,  feel free to check out gelie.com to learn more about the business side of me.

Thank you for being a part of my community!

Here’s to the journey,


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