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First comes fear, then comes action

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We all have it, and thank god for that! Fear is what keeps us from harm and has kept many of our pre-historic ancestors alive.

But fear can also be paralyzing … and to an entrepreneur that’s not really an option. As I mentioned in the previous blog; we always have to be moving forward.

After being on this entrepreneurial journey for 8 years, I can honestly tell you that I don’t feel fear the same way as I used to. But I also don’t “feel” the way that I used to in general. I don’t get as excited or upset about things; everything gets somewhat neutralized.  That might be a whole other blog where I’ll talk about how us entrepreneurs really need to check our emotions; otherwise, the highs get really high and the lows could get really low.

In this post, I want to talk about action after the brief moment of fear.

As I said in the previous blog, when Erin told me he’s leaving the company, I gave myself a few days of complete melt-down mode allowance. Fear of not having him on my team, fear of the end, fear of having to have to get a job and just an overall pure girly meltdown. I believe when a traumatic event occurs in our lives, any event personal or business, we have to give ourselves the time to process all the emotions that come with it in order to start the healing process and move on. So after I processed every single scenario on my mind over the course of a few days, I got into action by scheduling meetings and talking to people.

Next … came gelie.com.

Do you know how freaking simple it is to build a website these days? I kid you not, any moron could do it. I had no idea. So I kind of felt like a moron when I discovered the stupid simplicity of building a website in 2016.

All I knew about websites is that engineers like Erin controlled the code and everything else that came with it. Honestly, that’s all I ever knew because when Erin and I started our company, that’s all there was. I didn’t keep up on technology’s evolution … which is not a good thing on my part, but that’s just how it happened.

Well, let me tell ya … unless you need super duper complex web app as opposed to a site … you don’t need an engineer.

Upon a simple google search, I decided to go with Weebly’s free website building platform. It took me four days, and I had myself a beautiful, mobile-friendly, ready to go website. Sans Erin.

In order to get familiar with wordpress.com, I decided to build my blog on this platform so I can start tinkering with it.

This is crucial for two of reasons.

  1. I had a website on gelie.com with my new services. By the way, you can now hire me to coach/consult on your business. Let me know if you’re interested.
  2. I did something big and meaningful for my professional goals without Erin. There is a big difference between knowing that you can do it and actually doing it. Well, I did it. Big win for me on many levels.

Once I had gelie.com launched, it opened up a world of possibilities! I asked myself, what else don’t I know??? Surely there must be a whole world out of there. And guess what .. there is.

I started signing up for webinars to learn about Click Funnels, building email lists, creating an online mediapreneur business. I created a new Instagram account to document my journey and try to learn how people actually make money with IG. @follow_gelie #FollowGelie

Everything was starting to happen. My brand was coming alive. I was in action and moving forward. Fast!

Once I re-opened up my creativity flow (something I felt I lost with the birth of NetworkingPhoenix) it just kept coming!!

I’m rebuilding myself exactly how I want to be.

So let’s recap …

  1. After a traumatizing event, let yourself mourn. Be afraid. Be sad. Cry. Meltdown. Do whatever you need to do. This will help you heal and get un-paralyzed.
  2.  Get your ass moving and get into action. Launch something, even if it’s a new IG account, to show yourself that you are capable of moving forward even when times are bleak. Launch a blog. Launch a website. You will feel much better!
  3. Start signing up for educational webinars. There is always something that you don’t know and it will help you move forward.

This was a long blog. I hope I didn’t bore you and hope to remind you that you’re not alone in your meltdown moments!




  1. I’ve hit rock bottom more than once….
    As a Programmer it’s not unusual, but most people quit and go back to the grindm with their tails between their legs. But I can’t do that, because I can do so much more. They’ll drag me away kicking and screaming into the old folks home, or I’ll walk on my own into a new self sustaining business.
    … and here goes the 4th charm, cause im not done.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. More change and growth. A new direction. Met with the grit and determination of a true entrepreneur. I hope you are justly proud of yourself….as many people are 🙂


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